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At OurSock.com, we make it easy to create custom socks that show who you are - whether as a large company or just as a person. We work day in and day out to design and create completely customized socks that people love to wear. We’ve been trusted for years by companies, organizations, and people from around the world for our dedication to high-quality materials, industry leading turnaround times, and a strong commitment to customer service. Put your best foot forward with custom socks by OurSock.com.

custom socks by OurSock.com
Companies we've made custom socks for


We’re proud of the hundreds of brands that we’ve worked with, but here are a few that you might recognize. Our team has been designing and creating socks for years, and during that time, we’ve worked with an extremely wide variety of companies, schools, non-profits, and other brands to customize socks with their logos and colors. From airlines to schools, physicians to engineering firms, and restaurants to startups. We’ve worked with them all before, and they keep coming back for more.

OurSock Customer

Peter Curran 

Blair Academy

My experience working with Andrew and OurSock has been very positive... it was very easy to order and receive them. They are not only comfortable and durable, but stylish--parents, students, alumni love the Blair socks! "


We take pride in the quality of our custom socks. We pay attention to each detail of the design, and make sure that your socks will last forever. For us, socks that mirror our personalities are source of happiness. It's something that puts a smile on our faces in the morning when we pull them up. Our hope is to pass that onto you.


No matter how big or small your order is, we want to make sure you make custom socks that you're proud of. Our design team is happy to help you come up with a design that shows off your brand, personality, or message. Just reach out via our Chatbox or the contact page!

"  We had a great experience working with Ryan and his team. Ryan was very responsive to all of our questions about design, delivery and cost. And he backed everything up with actions. We received our shipment prior to his promised delivery date and our alumni love the socks. We will make another purchase in the near future.  "

Another OurSock Customer

Ed Ellison
Tufts University


In 2017, OurSock.com launched an online custom sock shop that caters to universities, companies, organizations, and others who wish to customize socks with their own logos, colors, and branding. However, our team of designers and creators have been making crazy awesome socks for way longer than that.

Many years earlier we hadn’t yet realized the demand for custom socks and were stilling doing things the traditional way. We’d design socks, manufacture them, and sell them on our website. We prioritized the quality of our socks, even creating options like eco-friendly bamboo fiber and combed cotton. However, people didn’t buy our un-inspired designs since they didn’t speak to the diverse individual personalities of our target audience.

This prompted us to rethink our mission and it ultimately led us to approach individual prep-schools and universities in hopes of creating large batches of custom logo socks for their students and alumni. With the same dedication to high-quality materials and manufacturing, we began to find our niche, creating awesome customizable socks for tons of schools and colleges around the country. But we didn’t stop there.

Instead, we drastically expanded our offering. Rather than just creating custom socks for schools, we started working with all different types of companies and organizations such as Adobe, Nissan, The Special Olympics, and hundreds more. We quickly became a leader in the custom sock industry, working with both big names and small organizations. In 2019, we opened our online custom sock shop to the masses. After-all, not everybody wants to make promotional socks. Now, you don’t need to buy hundreds of custom socks to enjoy our products. We’re thrilled to be able to offer our socks to people like you, so we encourage you to try them out today!


Our mission is to create the highest quality custom socks on the market with the finest materials, quickest turnaround times, and the best customer service imaginable. If you choose to work with us on your next custom sock project, you’ll see that we live and work by this mission each and every day. How do we do this?

We start by only working with extremely high-quality threads and materials, like eco-friendly bamboo fiber and the finest combed cotton. We’ve seen first hand that ethically sourcing our threads from the most reputable suppliers allows us to create fully customizable socks that look outstanding and feel superbly comfortable.

Next, we pride ourselves in being able to offer virtually every type of custom sock imaginable. From custom dress socks to custom made knee-high socks to personalized socks that look like Superman with capes coming off the back. We’ve done it all before. We’re constantly improving our socks to improve the look, feel, and durability. In fact, we recently started reinforcing the toes and heels of all of our socks with extra stitching and fabric so your toes won’t ever poke through. Our design, sales and manufacturing teams take your feedback seriously and are constantly striving to create a better product and service for our customers.